Has anyone ever felt hot and cold at the same time or love and hate for the same person or happy and sad? Everyone of these emotions are intense but when felt at once in my opinion can make you lose your shit!. For instance, there is this major promotion you’ve been working your behind off at work for and you are so sure you were going to get it, even told your husband many times about it and naturally he is happy for you, being your number one supporter, always encouraging you and makes you feel so good especially when you’ve had a shitty day at work. Then on this particular day, you get into work and are immediately summoned into your boss’ office thinking maybe you’d done something wrong but lo and behold you’d been promoted! You lose your professional façade for a minute and whooped for joy and realizing you are in front of your boss, apologized profusely but he just smiles and tells you to take the day off so you decide not to call your husband over the phone since he is at home and had the day off as well. You get into your car with a big smile, imagining the look of happiness on his face and imagining all sorts of things you guys would do for the day and with that thought on your mind, you head home.

                The first thing you see when you arrived home is another car in your garage, thinking its way too early for your husband to be entertaining visitors, you go pack your car in front of the house then enter with your own key and the first thing you see is your husband bent over a lady’s butt on your dining table!

                If you were that lady, what would you do?…..your comments and thoughts are welcomed


Author: Shally Bisoye

I love reading,writing, cooking, baking and most of all being a mother and a wife.

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