“One of the happiest things in life is when you know that you are in love with someone who is even more in love with you”.

Awwww, that feeling! It does exist but very rarely can you find it these days as all you can find right now is deception, unfaithfulness, betrayal and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in love because I’m hopelessly in love with a wonderful man. I’m not just ranting on about the love between a man and a woman but also the one between parents and their children, between siblings or the one in its purest form where a new mother gets to hold her newborn baby for the first time, the look of pure and utter adoration in the new mom’s eyes (that always gets me) but unfortunately not every mother feels that. I mean, how could you explain a mother letting her child get abused by her boyfriend?, its madness I tell you but that’s what the world has turned into and one cannot help but wonder how one could possibly find  love in the midst of all this chaos. Lovers betraying one another, parents betraying their children and vice versa, siblings hating each other and wishing their brother or sister dead, you have all seen some TV shows so you have an idea of what I’m talking about, shows like evil kin, blood relatives, deadly women and so on. You would be amazed at how wicked the human mind could be and all of this for what???. If you find yourself loved, you have no idea how lucky you are, do not take it for granted!.



Author: Shally Bisoye

I love reading,writing, cooking, baking and most of all being a mother and a wife.

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