“Oh God, Oh God”, I kept chanting it, hoping there is truly a God somewhere who could save me from what was coming to me but when he finally got to me being that he took his precious time (I think he did it purposely to get me so terrified and never ever think about escaping again and it worked!) I was so terrified that I peed on myself. He picked me up with my braids, my scalp was on fire as he forcefully dragged me to my feet with my hair, he said one word ‘move’!, I didn’t need to be told twice and he didn’t need to say that if I tried escaping or pulling off anymore stunts, he’d probably club me too but what he didn’t know was that even if I had the chance to run, I wouldn’t do it because that poor guy whose life had just ended right in front of me, the image and every other thing that happened afterwards would forever remain etched in my memory for the rest of my life (they did it, they finally broke me).

                As I trudged on, I didn’t even have the energy to look behind me to know if he was going to murder me or not, I figured if he wanted to harm me that he would have done it by now so I kept walking on and on till my legs gave way beneath me, I couldn’t go on anymore, too tired and just when I thought I was going to hit the ground, I got swooped up by the big pawed guy, he then slung me over his shoulders and walked on……..

                Something woke me up, I wasn’t sure what it was but when I finally came to, I looked around me and just then I realized I was naked, I moved to cover myself up with the blanket I found on the mattress I was laying on, just then I heard a chuckle, I looked up and realized with horror that it was the big pawed guy, I almost fainted with fright but he never came near me or said anything instead he opened the door he was standing in front of and called out something to someone then closed the door and resumed his posture. I tried really hard not to look in his direction but my eyes kept straying to where he was standing and each time I looked at him, he stares right back at me in that creepy way and I immediately take my eyes off him. Not quite long, there was a knock on the door which he went to open and in came the old hag in all of her glory giving me death stares, I really hated that woman(she is a woman for God’s sake and meant to be nurturing to kids!) she came in with a tray of food and  a jug of water, I didn’t mean it but my stomach growled after inhaling the aroma of the food(traitorous stomach!) and they both busted out laughing but I couldn’t be bothered anymore, I was so hungry. She dropped the tray of food in front of me with the jug of water, I gave her the evilest look ever and bent over to inspect the food(like I would know if it was poisoned or not……humph) after I had thoroughly inspected it and was satisfied it wasn’t poisoned, I finally took a bite and surprisingly it tasted good so I kept shoveling it down my throat and when I finally looked up, the both of them were staring at me with funny looks on their faces, I simply ignored them and kept on eating. After I was done, someone else was called in to pack up the plates while the old hag escorted me out of where I was kept to the bathroom(that was the first time I saw sunlight since I was abducted).

                The bathroom was made of wood and bamboo leaves with just a cloth at the entrance to offer privacy , I went in and was surprised when she came in with me as well, she then took up the local sponge with black soap already in it and started washing me(I swear, I felt like a cow being washed before its killed). After the humiliation was over (the bathing), she gave me a wrapper to cover myself with and marched me back to the room where I was kept. As soon as we got into the room, she just shoved me inside and locked the door behind me and that was when I realized there were about 6 people in the room,(3 men and 3 women) who were all wearing red and black robes with their faces also painted in red and white, I quickly ran back to the door to be let out but one of them caught me and slammed me on the table which was at the centre of the room, I guessed it was brought in while I was in the bathroom. The they each held my hands and legs while one of them gagged me and the last one brought out of his robe a knife, not the usual one but this was curved at the tip and then walked towards me, I struggled so hard to get out of their grips but I couldn’t so I closed my eyes but then I felt my leg being forcefully pried open and then the cutting began……………

                Please leave your comments and thoughts……………… (I’m sure you want to know how her parents got involved, hang in for the ride)…..thanks



Author: Shally Bisoye

I love reading,writing, cooking, baking and most of all being a mother and a wife.

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