I woke up to someone barging into where we were kept; apparently I had fallen asleep while crying earlier. The person who barged in brought with him a touch so I was able to look around me and (yep, I was right) it was super filthy but just then I realized everyone had gone silent as he marched towards me, the touch he held illuminated his facial features and boy, that was one mean look he had on him so I leaned farther into the wall. When he reached me, he just took the ropes off my hands and feet, didn’t say anything but just went back out. I rubbed my wrists, trying to get some feeling back into them but they were chafed raw from being tied together for so long, I had no idea how many hours had passed since my abduction or what had happened to my friends, I was in so much pain from top of my head to the soles of my feet and I was hungry. Not quite long, the door reopened again but this time some women came in with hot plates of food which were passed around to each of us and a big jug of water was left in the middle of the room with just a cup left beside the jug. When I was given my food, I didn’t want it and said so but I was slapped so hard that my head hit the wall behind it, tears coursed down my face and I so wished badly to be at home with my family but something the old hag who slapped me said to her friends(I assumed they were) made my ears pique up with interest and this was what she said(“her parents already informed me that she Is a stubborn one and you know that cannot be tolerated here”) I was dumbfounded, still holding onto the ear that was slapped, I couldn’t believe the betrayal! And for a couple more minutes I kept asking myself how possible or impossible could my loving parents be ever involved in this!!!. I needed to know, to know what was happening and since I couldn’t ask madam “old hag ” for fear of being slapped again, I looked around the shed, the women were chatting with each other and also keeping an eye out for us and did I tell you we were all girls?…hmnnn, I dragged my plate of food closer to me and saw the women smiled at each other probably thinking in their sick minds that they had finally broken me. The food was hot and smelt peppery, just what I needed for my plan to work out but I wasn’t sure if the door was left unlocked so I hoped It was, still I didn’t want to go down without fighting (I was terrified) so I pretended to eat, lifting the spoon up towards my face and then one of the girls started choking, the women ran towards her, now I had the perfect opportunity so I ran for the door and luckily for me it was unlocked! I didn’t even stop to decide in which direction to go, I just ran for my dear life, ran as if the devil was after me, then I heard voices, people screaming and finally i heard heavy footfalls behind me but I kept running……………………



Author: Shally Bisoye

I love reading,writing, cooking, baking and most of all being a mother and a wife.

16 thoughts on “MY SECRET, MY SHAME part 3”

  1. Better get that laptop fixed fast! I “studied” female circumcision when I was in grad school and whenever I bring it up to talk to people about it, they give me a weird look. It’s not on the “in list” of stuff to fight for. And part of it is apparently because the people who could be fighting against it believe that because it’s a cultural rite of passage that it would be interfering in someone else’s culture.

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    1. Hi Luanne!!!………its good to hear from you again and I already posted it, couldn’t wait till Monday since I got it fixed last night. About you talking about it with people, its a no no because most people don’t even know it exist, and the ones that know can’t do much about it like you said and so this barbaric tradition goes on and on……

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