I could see nothing, not even my hands which even though were bound together were right in front of my face and then that god-awful smell!(every member of my family knows I hate bad smells!), it’s like when you haven’t showered for days coupled with a mixture of rotten eggs (I literally gagged!), it was a cacophony of smells and I didn’t need see where I was to know that it was a filthy place, judging from the smell, (I will never forget that smell, it will forever stay with me). Then I started hearing whimpers, I thought it was all coming from me because I was so scared out of my mind but apparently, I wasn’t the only one there. Thankfully I wasn’t gagged so after taking in deep breaths, I plucked up the courage to speak, to ask where I was because at that moment I was so confused and in so much pain from the blow I had suffered earlier to my head. Truly I was scared but I was more worried about how my parents would be so sick with worry themselves searching for me so since I got no answer to my earlier question, I screamed it out the second time, then I heard so many voices at once, some telling me to be quiet, some turned from small whimpering to full on wailing, I was more confused than ever and I wanted badly to cry as well but I just couldn’t at that moment, I needed to know why I was being held against my wishes since everyone was too scared to talk or answer any of my questions, I leaned back onto the wall, feeling so defeated and didn’t have a clue as to  what was going to happen to me, I gave in to my despair and cried like I had never done before…………..

(I have had people asked me if this story was related to me and my answer is NO!(Yo! People, this is a true life event, that was the reason no names were given!.)and no names will ever be given but this story is an eye opener to the horrors of female mutilation)

……….The story continues, please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts………





Author: Shally Bisoye

I love reading,writing, cooking, baking and most of all being a mother and a wife.

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