My name is…….my…  is hmnnnnn, does it really matter what my name is or who the he** I am or what they have turned me into or where I am from? I guess not, so I will start like this…….

I am a victim of female Mutilation/female circumcision!  oh yes I finally admitted to this long hidden secret and shame of mine so you see why I cannot or never give my name out…….(well, let me continue….).

it all happened at the tender age of twelve (12 years), I was on my way home with my friends having had a wonderful day at school that particular day, I was already becoming one of the popular girls in school, participating in all sorts of projects (debates, quizzes and so on….) being the teachers’ favorite, everything was finally coming together for me both in school and at home until tragedy struck. I was with two of my friends, laughing and screaming some inappropriate stuffs at one another, I remembered that day so vividly as it would signify the last day of my innocence, still even remembered a bird being startled by our loud voices and taking flight so fast that it pooped on one of our heads, haha……still cracks me up each time I remember, I guess you never know the worth of something until you lose it and in my case (my innocence). Suddenly two hefty men appeared out of nowhere, it was like they had been there all day and just patiently waiting for us, the other two girls with me almost screamed out their lungs probably seeing the sheer size of the men but I just stood there, rooted to the spot because they were coming for me!, I tried to run(oh I really tried) but the moment I decided to do just that, I felt this big paw on my shoulders(I wouldn’t call it a hand, it was bigger than my head!),he grabbed me and I bit his paw, the next thing I felt was a blinding pain on the side of my head and I remembered nothing else till I woke up to complete darkness and with my hands and foot bound together………….

Oh, this isn’t the end, feel free to send in your comments and thoughts…….


Author: Shally Bisoye

I love reading,writing, cooking, baking and most of all being a mother and a wife.

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