The love of reading

Okay, today I want to talk about books and reading them (that’s right!), they are not for decorations and as I have stated before, I love reading, I read anything even if the words are written at the back of a milk carton, I don’t care. (I admit to these being one of my favorite subjects!).We are constantly reminded that reading improves our grammatical skills/vocabulary but it does more than that in a sense that it gives you relief from depression, sadness, and anger (I’m serious). I mean its way cheaper than drowning yourself in liquor or drugs and also it helps your imagination and makes you creative in your thinking.


The connection between reading speed and comprehension; a film is made up of still images flashed in rapid succession to simulate movement. Slow down the film, and the movement and meaning slows and the film’s impact is diminished. Viewers won’t learn as much about the film as if it were shown at normal speed. With reading the same thing can happen. When a person reads word by word, like frame by frame, they are not reading on the level of ideas. You need to read on some level that’s more conversational and allows things to coalesce into ideas themselves.
– Doug Evans, Institute of Reading Development
All has already been said in the quote above in the sense that looking at some books that has been made into movies/tv series for example ‘Game of thrones’, now I will be honest and this is my own personal opinion the television casts have all done and continue to do brilliantly well but no matter how much they act it out, it doesn’t even come close to the feelings this books evokes in its reader, everyone who has read the books in the series and also seen the television series would agree with me also same thing with the ‘Hunger games’, it was acted out brilliantly except for the third movie in the series which got all confusing and jumbled up, thank God I read the book, I would have been so lost!. Now the same thing was done with the 50 shades of grey which the acting by the way was awful and boring but anyone who has read the book would agree with me that the movie does not even come close to doing justice to the book(finally got that out)and with that being said reading help clears the mind and helps you avoid petty talk. Makes you think more and talk less(which in my case hasn’t really worked) and finally you will learn because reading walks hand in hand with knowledge and knowledge they say is power.

There are so many authors out there that has written good books but it depends on what catches your  fancy

as there are many genres of books. George R martin writes pretty sick novels if you love medieval books/movies, also we have Eve Rabi who is known for her wicked females as lead characters in her books, books you wouldn’t want to put down when you pick them up (trust me on this)and also Remington Kane especially for his tanner series which would leave you on the edge of your seat and so on. All you have to do is download the kindle app on your device, Amazon has got loads of free books and affordable ones pick a book to read today and you won’t regret it.


Author: Shally Bisoye

I love reading,writing, cooking, baking and most of all being a mother and a wife.

8 thoughts on “The love of reading”

    1. I know right!, I love reading and its an addiction now and it really work for especially when I am feeling so blue. thanks so much for the comment,its really nice of you to stop by and as for your husband making fun of you, he doesn’t know what he is missing out on!………lol

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      1. hahahaha……….atleast he reads unlike my husband who likes at me like I have two heads whenever I face away from him and give my full attention to my kindle, he gets so jealous and says ‘i’m not sharing my bed and wife with that!’

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      2. hahaha… are funny, I am really new at this and don’t even know if I am doing a good job. I am all over your site checking out your writings and blogs and I must say you are unique and have a way of drawing people into a conversation with you, you inspire me.


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